French Dresser Makeover

Not often I come across this kind of furniture with a lot of details having this authentic romantic look. It is difficult to appreciate those beautiful details on the dark furniture. I want them to pop out and be more visible.

I am going to use three paint wash to create a depth on this piece. It is a French provincial buffet and I have chosen the French colors from the Annie Sloan’s collection chateau gray, duck egg blue and versailles, my three favourite colors.

Chalk Painted Furniture

The first coat is the old ochre chalk paint. I will apply two coats of it. There are a lot of details but still I want to create some texture on the flat parts and I am stippling the paint into the surface.

When my two base coats are dry I am covering the whole piece with the chateau gray wash which I made as normally 1 paint to 1 water. I am making sure my wash ends in all the low points and then I gently wipe it off’ the high points and dubbing it on the flat surfaces.

How to Paint Furniture

My next step is a duck egg blue chalk paint wash. here I am covering some parts leaving some corners and the deepest points just with the chateau gray. And as always with the wash I am wiping it off the high points and dubbing it off the low points. With the wet rug spreading it over, misting the parts where the ends are too sharp to soften the edges.

With the large brush I am applying the Versailles mostly over the high points to highlight them. It is still a paint wash and I take off the accesses with the wet rug by dubbing it. Dubbing the paint is not only creating a different more natural effect but it also is more gentle way of doing it especially if you don’t want to take the paint off all the way to the wood.


Dry brushing the very tips of the details with the old white chalk paint is a best way to highlight the details and finish the project.

To seal the paint i have applied a coat of a clear wax.


How to Chalk Paint Furniture

Watch the full Tutorial on my YouTube Channel:

My Colorful France

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