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It is easy to love giving a piece of furniture a new look: it’s enjoyable, relaxing, almost meditative process. Of course there are moments when we can get frustrated, discouraged or even stressed choosing the right colors or technique. But in the end it is like going back to childhood: playing and having fun.

Painting the furniture is like any other hobby: more you learn about it, more you practice, more fun you will have. 

Let’s start with free tutorials, which I am posting on my YouTue channel My Colorful France. If you want to master the techniques watch as many videos of different artists as you can and start practicing. After you learn the basics the best way to progress is to enrol in online course or workshop where you can master and refine your technique.

Chalk Painted Furniture

How to Chalk Paint Textures and Layers

In this chalk paint furniture tutorial we create chalk paint textures and layers using dabbing technique and Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and waxes.

Easy blending with chalk paint

How to blend chalk paint with the ragging technique, how to create aged rustic look on furniture easily. in this project I am using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Honfleur, Old Ochre, Black, Versailles, tiny bit of Primer Red;

Furniture Makeover
Chalk Painted Furniture

How to create layers with chalk paint

II am inviting you to watch how to create layers of the chalk paint on furniture makeover. You can learn here how to blend the chalk paint, how to use paint wash on your furniture and how to use the decorative waxes as a finishing touch.

Chalk painting furniture with decorative finishes

In this video you will learn how to create a texture with a chalk paint wash, how to use decorative waxes to give your paint some depth.

Chalk Painted Furniture
Chalk Painted Furniture

How to create old rustic look

You can learn how to layer the different chalk paint colors, how to color wash with chalk paint and how to use the decorative waxes to achieve this old authentic look when you are doing a furniture makeover.